Everything you need to know about Spruce Wood Pallets

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If you are thinking about using Spruce Wood Pallets for your projects or DIY hobbies, let’s tell you about the amazing benefits of spruce wood pallets, where to buy spruce wood pallets and where to use them.

The spruce wood pallets or fir are sometimes called the “bread tree of Central European forestry”, a title that already gives an indication of the great importance of this widespread wood, with very special properties.

Spruce Wood Pallets

In the Alps and low mountain ranges, the spruce is by far the most common tree. In western Germany, the proportion of spruce is as high as 30% of the total forest area.

The botanical name of the conifer is ‘spruce’ or, in Latin, ‘Picea abies’. Worldwide, there are many species of spruce that are used. In central Europe, only the common spruce is native. Wondering what spruce wooden pallets would be advantageous for? We’ll come to that in a moment!

About Spruce Trees

Spruce trees can live up to 300 years and are about 50 meters in height. The top of the spruce tree tapers upwards and in good conditions, the roots penetrate deep into the ground and branch out widely.

On poorly ventilated soils, the spruce tree forms a root ball that is only about 20-30 centimetres deep, which is why spruce trees are particularly affected by wind inclination in unfavourable locations, despite having the strong spruce wood.

The evergreen spruce is easy to recognize due to its reddish trunk. The trunk has a diameter of around one meter, rarely reaching up to two and a half meters. Every 3-6 years, the spruce wood forms cones.

Spruces grow quickly and thrive in open spaces. They have a great ability to establish themselves against fast-growing vegetation in the form of grasses, ferns, or berries. The relatively large shade tolerance also ensures that the spruce feels at home in different locations. Spruce play a crucial role in the reforestation of devastated areas.

How Strong are Spruce Wood Pallets?

Spruce wooden is used both as a construction material and to generate energy. It is commercially available in round logs, as veneer, and in the form of glued structural elements.

Due to its good workability and high availability, it is the most widely used construction timber in Europe. It is used, among other things, for roof structures and also in bridge construction and industry.

Spruce Wooden pallets are also the material of choice for interior design: from built-in furniture to ceiling tiles to saunas; there are many things that make a cosy interior made of wooden spruce pallets. Despite its low resistance to weathering, it is also used outdoors: on fences, window frames, and doors.

Spruce wood is indispensable in the industry: pallets, wood-based materials, and paper are largely made from domestic spruce. It is not only of interest as a mass-produced product but, grown uniformly and without knots, is also appreciated internationally in instrument construction.


Fresh dried spruce wood can be processed with all common wood tools, both mechanically and by hand. The wood is light in weight, soft, and very elastic.

Although it dries quickly, hardly any cracks form. Spruce wood can be used well as construction timber, as it has good bearing capacity.

However, it must be treated with wood preservatives, since it is otherwise not weather-resistant and especially when ground contact quickly begins to rot. Treatment of the surface is easily possible, resin residues should be removed beforehand. A shrinkage is located in the middle range.

Spruce wooden pallets are very important for the construction industry, especially for constructions such as roof trusses, scaffolding, or ceiling joists.

It is particularly popular for the production of paper and other pulps, as it not only grows fast but is also very cheap. Thanks to its high availability, wood is often used in the production of chipboard, beams, plywood, and laminated wood.

Packaging such as barrels, boxes, and pallets are also made of spruce wood. Furniture and interiors in the Scandinavian style are made of solid spruce wood and also as fuel, the wood finds good use.

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