#1 Pallet Supplier in USA.

To-and-from transportation for all things pallets! Pallets Plus Flint offers solutions for dunnage, affordable dumpsters, wooden crates, steel drums, industrial tanks, and wooden wire reels. We offer service in the United States, mostly in Kansas City, Missouri, and Flint, Michigan. We also have a presence in Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas.

Use the Pallet Rolodex to the right, subscribe to our buyers and sellers databases, and plug into America’s fastest-growing database for used pallet customers and cheap junk removal! Wherever you are, we’ll notify you once there is a match!

Download the Pallet Type reference sheet PDF to better visualize the many different pallet types.



Pallets supplier

Pallet Transport

Wooden pallets sturdy enough to ship throughout the country, brought to you by a company near you.

Junk collectors

Junk Removal

We collect all the junk from your home, office or from any other place you’ve requested and take it to the dump.

Affordable dumpster


Rent a large dumpster for home remodel or construction project for as long as you need. We’ll drop it off, and pick it up.

We have a Pallet inventory full of custom, new and used Pallets. You can get a quote instantly.




Book an appointment with us stating the service, date, time and where to meet.


We’ll send you a confirmation email and then we will meet you at the agreed address, date and time.



Before you know it, Pallets Plus is booked, hooked and done. We make it easy.


Pallet Plus of Flint is benchmarking itself is the official pallet broker of Flint. Period. The cost of wood goes up and down based on supply and demand, but we don’t have to care about that when we are connected together! The same pallets you need are the same pallets someone else does not need, and that is the whole point. We are connecting these businesses together to keep more money right here at home.

We believe that you should only ever feel relief as a result of a person or company’s service. Well, we ensure that is what you experience with us. Your problem or inconvenience should always be resolved or closer to resolution. In our field we only really need to consider shipping costs, which are lowered when we get involved. Otherwise, our meeting will be short. We are only here to save you money. If we fail, we cannot operate as a business. We have every reason to help Flint help itself!


Pallets Plus’ services are available 24/6. We have inserted ourselves into Flint’s marketplace to provide solutions that will save you money within your shipping needs, particularly in the world of shipping pallets. Whether you have pallets on your property or business that you need hauled away or delivered to you, Pallets Plus is at your service!



One great thing about Pallets Plus, is we spend a lot of time of the plus. We also provide solutions for steel drums, plastic drums, dunnage, wooden crates, and wooden wire reels. We also offer a driver and truck rental combo. This is a great service for transporting heavy appliances within town. in case you need a mid-ton truck and an extra hand. Stay tuned for additional services to come to Flint, Michigan from Pallet Plus of Flint!

What Our Customers Say

Josh RansomJosh Ransom
00:35 10 Aug 23
Best pallet service in Flint and surrounding areas!
Rachel RiversRachel Rivers
22:28 05 Aug 22
Wow. Talk about customer service. Josh is so helpful and knowledgeable. If you want outstanding service and quality product, look no further. Go here.
Larry GreenLarry Green
14:51 13 Apr 22
I love pallets plus! Thanks for coming through, Josh!
Farhan YousifFarhan Yousif
05:45 13 Nov 21
I found these pallet service outstanding and on time. Loved it.


The thing is….we care. We work with integrity and cleanliness because quality work is in our DNA. We always leave an area cleaner than we left it. We also strongly believe in the power of networking, and it turns out that Flint businesses have a lot to talk about with each other. Our most important guarantee is that we are working tirelessly to bring these conversations together, from the smaller businesses to the larger businesses. If we can help your business save $10 a week, or $10,000 a week, we want to help.