5 Steps To Seal Pallet Wood | Paint Pallets for Outdoor Use

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Pallets are an excellent source of wood for your home and garden. They are available in various shapes and sizes, so you can use them to make everything from tables to chairs. However, pallet furniture isn’t always as sturdy or attractive as other pieces of outdoor furniture made from more traditional materials like wood or plastic.

5 Steps To Seal Pallet Wood

In this article, we’ll show you how to seal pallet wood for indoor use and outdoor use so that it lasts longer than untreated pallets!

5 Steps To Seal Pallet Wood

Here we share the major steps of sealing pallet wood easily. Follow them for a great experience.

Step # 1: Remove all Nails from Wood

Remove all nails from the wood. Use a hammer and nail puller to remove any nails that are still in the pallet, even those you can’t see. Nails will rust and stain your wood if they’re left untreated—so don’t delay!

If you want to use your pallets for outdoor use, seal them with an exterior-grade polyurethane sealant. If you want to use them indoors, apply a water-based polyurethane exterior coating instead of the oil-based product used on indoor projects like decks or fences; this will keep moisture away from the surface of your furniture while allowing it to breathe when exposed outdoors during rare occasions where rain might come along unexpectedly but not enough so as to cause structural damage.

Step # 2: Sand Wood with a Palm Sander Until Smooth

Sand the wood with a palm sander until it’s smooth. Use 120 grit sandpaper and sand in one direction, across the grain of your pallet. If you have tools for shaping pallets (such as chisels), use them to round over any corners that need smoothing out.

Afterward, vacuum up any dust left on your wood by hand-sanding with an old vacuum cleaner meant for furniture or curtains—it will suck up all those little particles like no other!

Step # 3: Apply Stain or Sealer to the Wood

To achieve a high-quality finish, you’ll need to use a stain or sealer that is made for outdoor use. It is challenging to remove if your pallet wood is treated with an oil finish.

The best way to apply these products depends on the type of surface you’re working with a smooth surface. Go ahead and sand down any rough spots before applying the first coat; if there are hard-to-reach areas like corners or edges that might get damaged by overzealous buffing (or even just general wear).

Consider using an abrasive pad instead to avoid damaging those surfaces too much while still getting good results from applying multiple coats of stain over time.

Varnish for pallet wood is easy to apply without making any mistakes. When it comes time to apply either type of product—both stains and varnishes—make sure they aren’t toxic!

Varnish has been known since ancient times as being good at sealing the wood. Still, since then, people have developed better alternatives like shellac, which gives better protection against moisture loss than varnish due to its ability to evaporate faster than water.

When outdoors exposed without any extra protection, such as plastic bags around them, this still leaves one question unanswered: how do I know if my chosen product actually works?

Step # 4: Wipe the Excess Stain off Wood

Wipe the excess stain off of the wood with a damp cloth. Do not use a dry rag or one that has been used before, as it may cause discoloration. If you find that your rag is too wet, simply wring it out and repeat.

Step # 5: Let it Dry for 24 Hours

Before using it in your project, you should let the wood dry for 24 hours. This will help the stain soak into the wood, and also make sure that all of the wood has had a chance to dry evenly.

If you don’t let it dry for 24 hours, then you risk having an uneven application of stain on your pallet boards—meaning that some areas won’t have been stained properly while others might be too dark or light compared to other areas (this can happen if there’s excess moisture in some spots).

If you don’t let pallet boards dry completely before applying them to your walls or furniture pieces, then they’ll just sit on top of each other like this.

How to Paint Pallets for Outdoor Use?

1. Before you start painting your pallet wood, it’s important to make sure they are completely dry. The paint will be much easier to apply if the wood is dry.

2. Make sure to use a primer before painting your pallets for outdoor use. These primers can help protect the surface of the pallets from chipping or cracking due to exposure and weathering over time. They also give them an extra layer of protection against dirt, dust, and other elements that may damage the surface of your finished product once it’s exposed again after being outside in direct sunlight all day long!

3. Don’t forget how important water resistance is when choosing which type of paint will work best for sealing your wooden pieces! Being able to withstand rain showers and UV rays can mean saving yourself money by not having costly repairs done later down the road when life becomes more complicated than expected (that happens sometimes).

Why is Pallet Furniture Bad?

Pallet furniture can be contaminated with a number of organisms, including:

I. Insects and rodents. These pests live in the pallets and cause damage to them over time. They also carry disease that can be transferred to you if you touch your furniture or eat food from it.

ii. Weathering from rain, sun, and snow exposure (e.g., ice damming). This causes the wood to swell slightly and discolour over time due to moisture retention from these elements, making it susceptible to rotting if left untreated for long periods.

iii. Without proper maintenance procedures being completed first before attempting any kind of repairs on these types of issues occurring within them again once more later down the road after buying new ones instead you can reclaim pallets for reuse.

Sealing Pallet Furniture Restores its Appearance

You can make your own furniture from pallet wood and seal it to make it look new! You need a few tools to kick-start your project. The first thing you’ll need is some pallet wood.

You can find this at many places, including thrift stores or online. If you’re going through the trouble of making your own furniture, I’d recommend buying fresh materials rather than salvaged ones because they’ll be easier on the environment (and cheaper).

After collecting enough pallet boards for each piece of furniture that you want to build with them—and maybe cutting down some extra for mistakes along the way—you’ll want to sand down all rough edges so that everything fits together nicely when assembled later on.

This step also makes sure no one will get cut when using sharp blades around sharp edges during construction time!

Once done sanding down all rough edges remove any nail heads inside wooden pieces before beginning the assembly process; otherwise, these could cause problems later on such as splits during cutting operations etcetera.

A question everyone wants to know that How long does pallet wood lasts outside? Because it is waterproof and UV-resistant, pallet wood may be left outside for two to three years.


The best way to seal pallet wood is with a clear polyurethane coating. It protects the wood from moisture, stains, and scratches while giving it a shiny finish that looks great.

You can buy this type of sealant at most hardware stores or home improvement stores, but if you can’t find any locally, online retailers like Amazon also have plenty of options!


How do you Finish a Wooden Pallet?

You may finish a wooden pallet in a few different ways. The use of a sealant is one common method. This will aid in defending the wood from dampness and other potentially damaging factors.

Painting the palette is an additional choice. This can help to preserve the wood while also giving it a more polished appearance.

How do You Keep Pallets from Rotting?

You must take certain measures to preserve your pallets from decaying if you store them outside. Applying a sealer to the wood is one technique to do this.

The pallets will remain in good shape and help resist water thanks to this. The majority of hardware stores sell sealant. Pallets can also be kept off the ground, on a rack, or in a shed to avoid decay.

This will keep the pallets dry by allowing air to circulate around them.

Do you Need to Seal Pallets?

If you are transporting goods on a pallet, you will need to seal the pallet to prevent the goods from falling off during transport. There are several ways to seal a pallet, including using straps, nets, and covers.

What do you Treat Pallet Wood With?

There are a few things you can do to treat pallet wood, depending on what look you’re going for. If you want the wood to keep its natural color, you can simply sand it down and apply a clear sealant.

If you want to stain the wood, you’ll need to sand it down and then apply a pre-stain conditioner before staining. You can also paint pallet wood, but make sure to sand it down first and prime it with a bonding primer.



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