The Pallets Business – Used Pallet Suppliers and Brokers

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Are you a pallets buyer and looking for information about the pallets business? You might need information about pallet suppliers and brokers to make an informed decision!

Pallet suppliers and pallet brokers, distributors, pallet wholesalers or whatever query you’ll use to learn about the used pallet business will likely return some valuable information.

Basically, companies operate the middle ground to connect pallet buyers to pallet suppliers.

They may not all agree on the best wording to describe the services that they provide, but the importance of these businesses to the pallet industry is that they make used pallets more accessible and more recognized. Who would have thought that you can re-use a used, wooden pallet!

The Pallets Business - Used Pallet Suppliers and Brokers

Not just this, you can use opt for pallets recycling near you and there would surely be some points in your surrounding. You will also find pallets for sale.

They can offer local, regional, and sometimes national pallet customers a single-source solution for a complete range of used pallets!

For pallet manufacturers, this sector provides a highly professional sales force with no fixed costs that are paid only for the business they bring, and it generates business from a broader market area.

What Does a Pallet Broker Do?

A broker is one who is a pallet buyer and pallet seller, but not a consumer. He does it for another pallet buyer on commission or arranges for the negotiation of contracts. While pallet “brokers” arranges the buying and selling of pallets, they normally purchase them for resale.

By this definition, they could not be purely called brokers. I deem a wholesaler to be one who sells goods in large bulk or quantity, especially for resale.

This description, however, cannot capture the essence of matching pallet mill capability with pallet user demand, which is a core ingredient of the pallet industry’s middle-man function.

The definition of a pallet distributor in the pallets business has a similar failing: one who distributes or sells merchandise, usually of a specific type or category.

“They are interchangeable between broker and wholesaler.” There is no difference. The pallet industry calls the wholesalers ‘brokers’, whereas the lumber industry uses the term ‘wholesaler.’

But they are very much interchangeable, at least in my context. ” Successful brokers like to establish an ongoing relationship between a wooden pallet mill and a pallet user location so that the pallet plant can become familiar with the pallet buyers’ needs.

Not all brokers are created equal. Work with one who is willing to do the majority of the work and who will shop for a great price! is a good pallet broker.

Pallet buyers may also benefit from the professional approach to sales that large pallet brokers can provide. Like others, they provide customers with computer-assisted wooden pallet design, typically PDS (Pallet Design System), as well as a depth of materials handling, pallet, and customer service experience.

Perks of Pallet Suppliers and Brokers in Pallet Business

1. Pallet brokers are most popular with pallet plants without a dedicated sales force or with a limited sales staff. “The advantages for manufacturers dealing with a broker vary very much from manufacturer to manufacturer.

” Some manufacturers do not have a sales force, so you concentrate through brokers.”

If a pallet company has a direct sales force, the broker endeavours not to compete with a direct account. It is not in the business of muddying the water. They are in the business of giving our pallet mills business, not taking it away. ”

2. A broker can give a local pallet business some advantages over the perks of a national company by providing it with accounts farther afield, as well as matching it up with local branches of multi-location pallet users.

“I think the main thing we bring to the table is being able to secure customers that are probably out of their normal shipping area, and they do everything.”

They send them a print of the pallet to be built. We use a CAD (computer-assisted design) system, so there are no questions about how many boards, how many nails, how many stringers, and about the size of the stringers. Resultantly, there is no problem.

3. The brokers emphasized that one of the key benefits for the pallets business is timely payment. According to negotiated terms. “It pays real quickly, so they have no receivables other than about five days.”

They have the responsibility of collection. So if one of our customers files a Chapter 11, that’s our responsibility.

Unfortunately, it happens to us. Our thought process is that they are our customers, so if there is a risk, the risk has to be ours. Prompt payment also allows pallet plants to effectively plan their lumber purchases from sawmills.

As for which broker, a pallet operation should select, we caution that pallet producers should make themselves aware of a broker’s background and track record.

This suggested learning about the broker, his areas of expertise, and his depth of knowledge not only in the pallets and pallets business but also in the sawmill industry and material handling. “I bring a broad base of education and experience to the table” in pallets industry.

Used Pallets vs New Pallets Business

Pallet recycling has become a quick growth segment of the pallets business industry over the last few years. Pallet users and pallet buyers prefer using used wooden pallets to new pallets because of the cost savings and sustainability benefits.

Reusing pallets and wood packaging materials minimizes waste generation and decreases the overall consumption of wood fibre.

Conclusion – The Pallet Business

Another thing a pallet mill should ask is if a pallet broker can sell many wooden pallets so that the plant can fully use its lumber.

“There are going to be some mills that do GMA, but that’s okay if you’ve got the lumber to do that.” But there are a lot of mills that are getting cats from 8 feet to 14 feet. And you need 36 squares, 42 squares, 48-by-40, and 48 squares to use all their lumber. That’s what we try to do. It goes back to the old way, but that’s the way we like to sell it to help the mill. ”

Brokers emphasize that they link their success to establishing long-term relationships between themselves, pallet suppliers, and pallet customers in the pallet business. Others agree.

“We’ve been doing pallets business with some mills for over 20 years.” There is a trust and a loyalty factor that I don’t think you can put a price on, really.

The pallets business environment displays an increasing trend toward “single-stop” pallet procurement at the corporate level and the need for broader geographic coverage.

Those offered by national companies, pallet brokers believe they provide locally-owned wooden pallet companies with a way to keep pace in a changing market.

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